Mikrotik Network Routing Solutions
  What is this product?
o Mikrotik is the brand of inexpensive and powerful ISP-grade routing and wireless solutions that comes from Latvia. It is designed to handle large-scale internet subscribers, can be used for malls, shopping centers, school campus, hotels, resorts, office buildings and etc.

Is it a software or hardware?
o Mikrotik has software and hardware-based products

What are the benefits of this product?
o Powerful and inexpensive, you get ISP-grade solution at the fraction of well-known brand cost
o So many useful features that are necessary in administering large-scale subscribers
o bandwith controller to manage bandwidth efficiently
o Can be used for small office or home use as well
o IPv6 Ready for future-proof on IP expansion, interoperability and mobility
o Fast return on investment since you don't spend so much in acquiring this solution
o Excellent centralized management to all users in the network
o User accounting

How is the installation and configuration?
o Installation and configuration requires skilled personnel to do it.

Where is the website reference?
o www.mikrotik.com


Mikrotik RB800 Mikrotik RB751Ugl Mikrotik RB1100AHx2

Mikrotik RB CCR1036-12G-4S Mikrotik BaseBox5 Dual Chain 5GHz Mikrotik SXT-2nDr2 Lite 2GHz